venerdì 12 dicembre 2008

Memories of the past - pure silver and labradorite earrings

These intricate and rich earrings have been inspired by some memories of my past..Every people we met in our life leave in our heart a smile or a tear..
I first shaped and hammered the silver wire then wrapped it with meters of fine silver wire and enriched silver round and smooth beads, flashy blue fire gemmy AAA labradorite faceted teardrop briolettes, bali silver daisies and labradorite micro-faceted round beads.The flower earposts are in silver plated ~ definitely beautiful!
They're 1.77 inches/4.5 cm long ~ from the bottom of the earposts.Oxidation gives a special charm to them and makes the labradorite stand out greatly!Precious, elegant and mysterious, these earrings will enrich your natural beauty..

3 commenti:

Thyme2dream ha detto...

So beautiful!! I love labradorite, and you have put it in a delightful setting with this design:)

Suesun ha detto...

Oh, thank you so much my dear! I adore labradorite too!!
Recently I've bought a full strand of AA labradorite onion cut briolettes and I'm literally in love with them ;))

JoJoBell ha detto...

These are stunning!