martedì 27 maggio 2008

I like cocoa!!!

These very rich earrings includes all the warm shades of cocoa, and remind me of the unique taste of cocoa and its delicious aroma..

At the top there's a huge and beautiful microfaceted botswana agate round bead, framed by copper wire and surrounded by tiny round copper beads.

Just below there's a very rich bunch of beautiful and flawless smoky quartz faceted rondelles which is atop a black rose made of oynx stone: it's so beautiful and rich in colour!

They're 2.16 inches (5.5 cm) long - real copper french wire earring hooks (with coil and daisy) excluded.Very comfortable earrings with vivid and brilliant colours!

2 commenti:

Staci ~ Pink Pooch Designs ha detto...

Simply Gorgeous!!

Suesun ha detto...

thank you Staci!!