mercoledì 21 maggio 2008

Last year I spent two weeks in Mexico, and more precisely in Akumal, Yucatan..It was a great trip and I enjoyed it so much..I can perfectly remember the brilliant colours of plants and flowers and for the first time I was introduce to Maya's fascinating..These earrings have been inspired by this journey..
Made of copper and labradorite, moss agate and freshwater pearls..strongly oxidised to give them a more antique look!

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Eleo ha detto...


Suesun ha detto...

Thank you so, so much my dear Eleo! ;)
I truly appreciate your support!

The Beading Gem ha detto...

A truly original design! The wire wrapped arch at the top reminds me of aztec designs.

Suesun ha detto...

Thank you a lot, the BeadingGem!